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I Saw Three Ships

Brass Quintet



There is nothing traditional or standard about our rendition of this holiday favorite! Energetic and playful, this mixed-meter version of “I Saw Three Ships” can challenge the counting skills of any ensemble.

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There is nothing traditional or standard about our rendition of this holiday favorite! Energetic and playful, this mixed-meter version of “I Saw Three Ships” can challenge the counting skills of any ensemble. The tuba takes over the melody at the halfway point while being supported by a flourish of trumpets. This one is definitely a “barn burner”!

*Note: This arrangement can be heard recorded by CSB on our “Christmas on Copper Street, Vol. 2” album, available on our website or anywhere you get your music online.

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Parts Notes
1st Trumpet in Bb
2nd Trumpet in Bb

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Tell me about your Difficulty Levels

Ya You Betcha! See the tables below for a general idea, and if you have any questions about a specific piece contact us!

Easy Notes
Meter Simple (4/4, 3/4, 2/4), no meter changes
Keys Up to two flats
Tempo Andante to Moderato
Rhythms Simple, mostly whole / half / quarter notes
Scoring Clear and traditional
Range No extremes, generally stays in a comfortable octave, and no wide leaps
Intermediate Notes
Meter Simple + easy compound (4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 6/8, 9/8), a few easy meter changes
Keys Two sharps to three flats
Tempo Andante to Allegro
Rhythms Adding some triplets and sixteenths
Scoring Mostly traditional, more horn or trombone melody, a few exposed solos
Range Stays in a generally comfortable 1.5 - 2 octaves, no leaps of more than a 6th
Advanced Notes
Meter All except rapidly changing meters or the extremely complex
Keys Four sharps to five flats
Tempo Adagio to Presto
Rhythms Most rhythms, no complex 16th-note passages, easy double/triple tonguing
Scoring Exposed solos, extended horn and low brass (incl. tuba) melodies
Range All notes in playable range, wide leaps of an octave or more
Professional Notes
Meter Any, with any changes between
Keys Any (still generally stays away from the most extreme keys that don't sound as good on brass)
Tempo Molto Largo to Molto Vivace
Rhythms Any complex duple or compound rhythms, fast double/triple tonguing
Scoring Very exposed, unusual orchestration, long cadenzas or solos
Range All notes including extremes, very wide leaps, extreme flexibility required (sounds fun doesn't it?)

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